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ISN’T IT ROMANTIC, a Romcom Satire is fun!


Heya geeks, Big Eyes here. I know this isn’t an ALITA review. I had some schedule conflicts and won’t be able to see/write about it until next week. I am dying. But yeah, what I did manage to see is a romcom satire called ISN’T IT ROMANTIC, starring Rebel Wilson.

I haven’t really gone out of my way to watch comedies lately, so I’m not real familiar with Rebel Wilson. Despite my research, for me the jury is still out on whether or not she’s Owen Wilson’s long lost younger sister. I want to hear Owen Wilson try to say “wow” in an Australian accent. And I swear they have the same nose (at least they would if Owen's hadn't been broken in the past). Anyways, let’s talk about this movie.

As I said before, I don’t really see comedies too often lately, but the trailers made it look alright, providing us the premise that Rebel Wilson’s character is finding herself trapped inside of a romcom.

Rebel’s character’s mentality is established very well in the beginning of the movie. Her bitter mother who makes wine floats tells her daughter that no one will ever love people like them as a child. She internalizes that message and becomes “blind to love” and feels she deserves to be treated like garbage by everyone one around her.

After suffering a blow to the head from a mugging, she wakes up in the perfect world of romcom. All men are attracted to her, all of the streets in New York that were once “shit holes” are now posh and pretty. This place so horrible for her, she sets out to get someone to fall in love with her so he can leave as quickly as possible. Little does she know what the true lesson that she is supposed to learn, and honestly what was in store was a bit of a surprise.

The romantic interests in the movie were unexpected as well. We have the guy that has always, and painfully obviously, always had feelings for our protagonist, WORKAHOLICS’ Adam Devine. Devine does a fine job of being goofy and loveable. There is also Liam Wilson (brother and stretched out clone of Chris Hemsworth), who in the romcom world is head over heels for Rebel’s character. Liam plays a fine dickbag.

This movie was a lot of fun, but because it was so heavily focused on satirizing your typical romcom, it was pretty forgettable too. 95% of the movie we’ve all seen before, even if it's making fun of those things. This isn’t to say that it’s not worth the time, I left the theater in a better mood than when I went in from its uplifting messages and overall feel. If you want to enjoy something lovey, funny, and fun this Valentine’s Day, give ISN’T IT ROMANTIC a watch at the theater. Out now.


~Eva Snail aka Big Eyes

Instagram: @artbysnail


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