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Oh, Brotherrr! Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan in Biopic!

I never knew that I needed a Hulk Hogan Biopic but the fact Chris Hemsworth is going to don a boa and sunglasses as the Hulkster has my interest! Netflix is in the early stages of producing this biopic, according to Variety.


Terrance “Hulk Hogan” Gene Bollea was born August 11, 1953. He began his career in wrestling at the Florida Wrestling circuit during the 70s, but moved onto World Wrestling after being discovered by Vince McMahon Sr. in 1979. He had his debut match against Andre the Giant and won. The term Hulkamania was coined and everyone knew who he was. He was huge in the 80s, then his career sort of waned into the 90s. There was some steroid accusations about, and had his career terminated upon admissions of drug abuse.


He had a TV series called Thunder in Paradise in 1994 which I have vague memories of staying up and watching as a kid.


He made a bit of a comeback in 1996, calling himself “Hollywood Hogan” and establishing himself as a villain.


Mid 2000’s we saw his reality show Hogan Knows Best, giving us somewhat of a glimpse into what his life is like with his wife and kids. It went on for four seasons. I’ll never forget what his son Nick did to a war vet during the run of that show in a drunken race in his Supra. John Graziano suffered horrific injuries and permanent brain damage.


Huh, here’s something I missed: there was a scandalous sex tape that got out between Hogan and Heather Clem in 2012. Sex tapes were kind of all the publicity rage around that time. Within that tape was discovered anti-black rants by Hogan. This eventually got his contract terminated with WWE in July 2015.


I’m going to stop right here. If you want to read more in greater detail, you can check out Hulk Hogan’s page on


We’ll keep you guys updated on details of the Biopic as it develops.


~Big Eyes

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