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HELLBOY "Super R Rated" Sizzle Reel AND "Keeping It Practical" Special Effects Featurette!

In HELLBOY's own words, "About goddamn time."

  Fans of Mike Mignola's HELLBOY should be pleased to see that this new film take on the beloved anti-hero from Hell will be full of the kind of gritty, grotesque imagery that was so lacking in the Ron Perlman-era films. Now, before you start rage-typing at me in the talkbacks, I LOVE the first two HELLBOY films... a lot. I'm a big fan of Perlman's portrayal. 

BUT... they were pretty short on the gory, gritty attitude of the source material. This new take on the character LOOKS to strike the serious/humorous/gross-as-hell balance much better. This film checks in at a VERY hard R Rating, and this new sizzle reel over at JoBlo Movie Trailers gives us some deliciously grotesque footage to pore over while we wait for the film to drop on April 12th. 

What's that? A Nazi with a medallion embedded in his palm? That is a SCREAMING nod to Indiana Jones. I love it. 
Check out the exclusive sizzle reel here:

ALSO in HELLBOY news, Lionsgate just released a new featurette on the film's effects, titled "Keeping It Practical". The title speaks for itself, but it's a behind-the-scenes look at the makeup and practical physical effects that have gone into making this film. It's full of new footage, too, so check it out! 

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