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HBO Releases Brand-New Teaser Trailer for Watchmen

HBO just released the first full-length teaser trailer for their WATCHMEN TV series, and it seems to indicate that Rorschach has inspired a cult/militia that uses his likeness to remain anonymous. This would line up with what I previously postulated, with his journal ending up in the hands of the right-wing paper, The New Frontiersman. If they did publish it (as you can be assured they did), it could very likely inspired a group like this.
  This situation DOES make me shift my expectations a bit, though... I don't think the yellow cops are going to be fighting the superheroes in the sequel series... I think they will be fighting the Rorschach militia, who in turn will be hunting the superheroes in a twisted attempt to prevent another Manhattan incident... or something close to that. 

  We get good looks at SEVERAL variations of the Rorschach likeness being used by different people, Chief Judd, played by Don Johnson, and Regina King as Angela Abraham. 
We also see some images calling back to the Doomsday Clock, in the guise of both a timer and a pocketwatch. 

Check out the trailer here: 


This looks really solid! 
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