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Barbarella Has A Crush! GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Episode 2 Recap

Hey folks!  I’m excited to discuss this week’s episode of Game of Thrones with you.  Of course, being a recap, this will be full of spoilers.  You’ve been warned.  

While Season 8, Episode 2, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” gave a lot for us to consider, I want to start by saying I have the biggest crush on Tormund!  He absolutely made this episode for me.  From his ambush hug on Jon Snow to his account of how he acquired the “Giantsbane” moniker, he brought me so much joy.  Everything about him made me wonder why can’t Brienne see what I see in him?  Ever since he first ogled her, I really wanted the two of them to form a union.  He loves her for her, and I think that’s sweet.  But I have been chastised for voicing that opinion.  Clearly, Brienne has no interest in the red-headed wildling.  She only has eyes for Jamie Lannister, but that guy’s in love with his sister.  Or at least he was.  I’m not so sure he feels that way these days.

Since before last week’s premiere, I stocked my living room with tissues because I know I will eventually need them.  I almost did last night when Jamie knighted Brienne.  Oh, the look on her face as she finally received the title she’s deserved since before we first encountered her!  While Jamie actually performed the deed, I question if he would’ve done it at all had Tormund not first commented that if he could, he would knight her ten times over.  The fair-haired Lannister doesn’t always come up with the best ideas on his own. 

Speaking of Jamie, much discussion was had about what to do with him.  After all, he did commit some rather unforgivable acts against many of those present at Winterfell.  Bran made it known to Jamie that he remembered who pushed him out of the tower although he still didn’t let anyone else know.  The fact Bran kept it a secret stunned Jamie. 

In the group discussions regarding Jamie, Brienne vouched for the man who was once her captive, leading Sansa to encourage Daenerys to allow him to join in the defense of Winterfell.   Jon concurred reiterating they needed all the help they can get. 

After learning Cersei betrayed them, Daenerys questioned Tyrion’s loyalty and effectiveness and threatened to replace him with Jorah Mormont as her hand.  Jorah pulled her aside and convinced her otherwise, pointing out that everyone makes mistakes, but that Tyrion is clever. We know from previously that Sansa would disagree.     

Afterward, Daenerys sought to befriend Sansa Stark, but when Sansa made it clear that The North would not bow down to her, the warm fuzzy feeling rapidly dissolved.  The two were interrupted before the conversation took a turn. 

Jon broke the news to Daenerys about his heritage and she seemed none too happy.  It appears her desire to sit on the Iron Throne will drive the two apart.  I anticipate one will end up killing the other. 

Sansa seemed inexplicably happy to see Theon return to fight for Winterfell.  I’ve heard it said that those who go through extreme duress together can form extremely strong bonds.  The two definitely encountered some horrors at the hands of Ramsay Bolton, but her almost love-struck gazes at him didn’t seem warranted, given that he could’ve helped her much sooner than he did. 

Samwell gave the Tarly sword he stole to Jorah because it was Valerian Steel and Samwell couldn’t really wield it.  We’ll see how effectively Jorah puts it to use.  Arya also got a new weapon, something Darth Maul might want if he were transported to this world without any kind of lightsaber technology. 

Arya had a short conversation with The Hound, where she seemed much less angry at him than last week.  I believe The Hound will emerge as the warrior wielding a fiery sword from the prophecy about which Melisandre previously spoke.  It would make for a remarkable character arc given that he started out so terrified of the flames.   

Arya left The Hound and Beric Dondarrion on the battlements so she could lose her virginity to Gendry before they all die.  That made for some awkwardness.  How old is she at this point? 

Plans were made to use Bran as bait in an attempt to destroy the Night King.  Additional plans were made to send those unable to fight down in the Crypts to hide.  But here’s a thought: Given that the Night King can raise the dead, are the Crypts of Winterfell really the safest places for people to be?  Will long-dead Starks arise and kill everyone hiding underground? 

Next week promises to be pretty spectacular as the Army of the Dead has reached Winterfell.  I’m expecting to start going through tissues.  Until next time, let’s drink a toast to the perils of self-betterment!

Barbarella (Barbara Kennedy) out

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