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Freddy has goodies to give away for the Halloween holiday!

Freddy-Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

I have 3 DVD’s and 1 Blu-ray for one winner of this contest via RLJE Films.

First the bootie.


The zombies are coming and the indigenous folk at the Red Crow reserve are ready for them. Natural immunization will do a lot for people. There’s tons of immigrants trying to get in though and the dead aren’t far behind.

This one got mixed reviews but I really liked it. It has a little more than your standard zombie tale and it’s a lot of fun.


A bunch of train robbers find shelter in a ghost town. The town square is full of beauties though so they decide to stay. Never trust a beautiful woman. Didn’t the Iliad teach you anything?

I haven’t seen this one but i can't imagine i'd be disappointed. It looks like witches and cowboys. I mean, how couldn't that be great?!?!?


This one is a five part documentary on movies that were viewed as cursed films. Each episode takes on a different movie: THE OMEN, POLTERGEIST, THE EXORCIST, THE CROW, TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE.

I caught this one on Shudder. It’s entertaining and informative, though I don’t know that I learned anything I didn’t already know regarding these films.

THE OWNERS (Blu-ray)

This one catches Arya Stark as she and a bunch of her hoodlum friends rob an old couple blind. The old couple isn’t as easy to take from and leaving the house is another matter altogether.

I haven’t read the graphic novel nor seen the film. I’m no help here but it looks like it could be a good time.

In order to win all of these flicks, just send me your favorite memory from Halloween to It can be from a movie, a personal memory, someone elses, shoot-even a good ghost story, anything really. Only one winner will get these, so the more thoughtful the response, the better the odds.

Stay safe out there my fellow fiends and demons!

Until the next time,


Freddy Beans

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