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FOUNDATION, the Sprawling Epic from Isaac Asimov, Releases First Trailer Ahead of Apple TV+ Premiere

Howdy, y'all! McEric here with a follow-up from an announcement I made here almost two years ago!

David S Goyer (DARK CITY, the DARK KNIGHT film series) and Co. have released a first trailer for their adaptation of Isaac Asimov's FOUNDATION trilogy adaptation for Apple TV+. Check it out!


Wow! I have to say that I think it looks amazing! Jared Harris (SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS, HBO's "Chernobyl") is clearly channeling a Steve Jobs-vibe, which tracks with Goyer's assertion that Apple has somewhat come to embody what Asimov felt about corporations and their ascension to the highest level of personal involvement with consumers. Lee Pace (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, THE HOBBIT film series) is captivating, as always. The scope of this film seemed too large to vault, as has been said many times in the past, to varied degrees of success. It was said about VALERIAN and JOHN CARTER OF MARS, and it proved to be true. However, it was also said of THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and gave us one of the most beloved films of all-time.

Honestly, I have a lot of faith in the creative team behind this project, and the trailer looks ambitious enough to pull it off. What do you all think? Are you excited to see this classic science fiction masterpiece come to the screen or are you afraid they're going to louse it up? Let us know in the comments below and we'll all find out next year.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!

-McEric, aka Eric McClanahan-

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