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FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER full 2 minute Trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I don't know about you, but I've been madly, seriously all about WANDAVISION.  Tis a subversive salute to American Television, the MARVEL way.   Why did Wanda choose that format of existence?  Did she?  Is she under Demonic influence? Holy Fox MCU Multiverse Smash last week!  I know some MARVEL fans have something more traditionally Marvel fighty fighty - and it looks like that's what FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER is gonna deal out to us, but here... take a look see...





That looks so cool - I mean, we get BARON ZEMO mask!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!  It so annoyed me in CIVIL WAR that ZEMO wasn't all ZEMO'd out...  I needed a red mask with up and down lines - and LOOKY:



Well this gets a streaming on March 17th!  Win for us!


Make Mine Marvel,



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