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Elizabeth Banks' CHARLIE'S ANGELS is sequins & smiles!

Elizabeth Banks is not just directing the new CHARLIE'S ANGELS, she's playing Bosley for Bill Murray, but is she really Bill in disquise?  We'll have to watch the movie to see if that happens.   We do know that Sir Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou are Bosleys too.  I think it is more fun to think that all three are Bill Murray in disguise.   Check out the trailer:



So - what do you think of the new Angels? Kristen Stewart seems to be having smiles & smiles of fun on this, which feels odd to me.  Though that could just be because I've watched PERSONAL SHOPPER more than any other Kristen Stewart film and can't recall a single smile, but then she was looking for the surviving spirit of her dead twin brother.   It's fun to see Princess Jasmine aka Naomi Scott in this.   Ell Balinska we're being introduced to here.  I bet Banks will have all 3 kicking ass and looking great doing it.  The CG Wig removal to long flowing hair without a barette in sight is quite funny.


Film hits November 15th, 2019 where it will go up against FORD V FERRARI and THE GOOD LIAR


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