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Do you dare scale the WHITE PEAK?

Ken with a review of WHITE PEAK by Ronan Frost.

What starts as a revenge thriller, turned puzzle solver, flips into a fast paced action adventure in no time.  Death defying action at break-neck pace, delivered to your page turning eyes.

Our main character Ryerson “Rye” McKenna, is given the opportunity to avenge the man who murdered his wife in a mall shooting.  Turns out the man is merely a boy.  Rye’s been given one night.  No guards.  Everyone rooting for him to do what’s right. 

What’s a broken man to do? 

Rye is recruited after the mall shooter is found hanged in his cell. 

Greg Rask, a wealthy businessman offered this chance at redemption for a price.  To find a painting.  The painting leads to three sacred stones.  For Rask, one that is rumored to have the ability to heal, is paramount.  Rask is wealthy but he can’t buy a cure to the death, creeping up from within, his weakening body.  He’s a desperate man, willing to do whatever it takes to chase this last chance at survival.

Rye is recruited within a group including a techie, a thief, an ex-Soviet intelligence operative, and an African killer, to procure the stones.  All they have to do is find a lost map.  Then visit a lost city in the Himalayas, while being chased by a relentless group of mercenaries. 

There is that guy they keep killing, who has a sneaky habit of not dying, too.

Just as it’s all wrapping up, the novel opens up into a panoramic shot you never knew existed.  There’s all sorts of places this story can head, it’s so open-ended.  I imagine this is a planned trilogy, at minimum. 

Ronan Frost writes in a crisp and to the point voice.  It’s hard to put the book down once you fall for that revenge plot.  Which opens into a Da Vince Code’esque, mystery.  Then that opens into an adventure plot.  Which opens into an open-ended reveal that showcases a much deeper idea at play.

I can’t wait to finish this series.  It’s tightly written with hardly a wasted line.  I fell for each of the characters, even though the likable crew are largely unknown beyond superficial tropes.  There isn’t a page not pushing you forward in the 322 page novel.  If you like your high-octane voices crisp and to-the-point, you won’t want to miss this one. 

You can pre-order White Peak now here.  It’s available May 21, 2019.

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