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DC's Swamp Thing Revealed! Also, DC's Swamp Thing Cancelled and Series Cut Short!

Yesterday, DC gave us our first look at SWAMP THING from their upcoming series! The creature is all-practical effects, and it honestly looks amazing. Obviously, no one has seen any of the show, but if the creature effects quality speaks to the OVERALL quality, it should be great (ish... read below)! Check out the teaser here! 

  HOWEVER, in a move that was surprising, but not unexpected for anyone who follows Warner Brothers' shenanigans concerning their handling of DC properties, ON THE DAY THEY REVEALED THE CREATURE, it was announced that the original 13- episode run had been shortened to 10 episodes, requiring rewrites, reshoots, and some pretty public consternation by those working on the series. 

  This kind of thing has me really wishing someone besides WB could handle DC properties, because as much as I like a lot of them, I just can't get invested in any of the films/shows. The tone/style/continuity is just all over the place. It's impossible to make sense of. I tried to follow some of it at first, but it's exhausting and frustrating. Hopefully, the show is still good and doesn't feel rushed after being reduced by nearly 25%, but I can't imagine that to be the case at this point. 

  I don't know whether to cheer or sigh, but that's the way it goes with DC/WB stuff these days. Maybe someday they'll find their equivalent to Dave Filoni at Star Wars or Kevin Feige at Marvel. Until then, we're stuck with not-remotely-the-same-universe stories that may, or may not, be told to completion. 

Exasperated cheers, I guess? 
I don't even know.
Until next time, keep it geek!

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