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David Koepp reteams with Kevin Bacon on YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT trailer!


Hey folks, Harry here...  You remember that incredibly awesome Haunted House movie starring Kevin Bacon called STIR OF ECHOES from back 21 years ago in 1999?  I do, we covered the heck out of it here on AICN and sung its praises for a good long while...  Including right now, 21 years later.   STIR OF ECHOES is old enough to drink now, and its director...  The fantastic David Koepp has a nice surprise for us.   On June 19th, BLUMHOUSE is releasing the next Haunted House thriller from David Koepp to star Kevin Bacon!  Not just that, but we'll be able to watch it from your very own Haunted House.   That's right, you know there's a ghost that moves your keys, hides that sock and turns the air conditioner down 3 degrees.    Well, you can cuddle up with your ghost and check out YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT!   Here's the trailer: 


As you can see, Kevin Bacon (62) is married to Amanda Seyfried (34) and they have a young daughter together played by Avery Tiiu Essex.  Apparently they've had some marital issues and have decided to rent a fairly modern looking housse in the Welsh countryside.  Since this is a Blumhouse production, we can only assume this was a very poor decision on the couple's part.  

We'll find out for sure in just 9 days!

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