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Do you like Death Metal? Do you like Death Metal about DC's Death Metal?!


Hey folks! Cobrak here!

If someone said to me, "Hey Cobrak, what would your dream album be?" I'd probably answer something that involves resurrecting dead musicians. If they were no fun and told me that wasn't possible in this hypothetical situation, I'd probably say something along the lines of a metal album that involves Batman and the rest of his Super Friends.
Guess what?!
No, Bon Scott and Peter Steele aren't playing in an all zombie band. But my number two wish came true:
That's Mastodon from the upcoming Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack, an original album inspired by DC's Death Metal comics. I fucking dig it.
I also dig this album art. 
From the press release:
"All artists involved took a hands-on approach with 'Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack,' contributing songs—and in the case of a few, collaborating together for the first time—inspired by the text that depicts a hellish Earth twisted beyond recognition, wherein the Justice League is at the mercy of the Dark Multiverse and a diabolical Batman Who Laughs. The soundtrack will be available to pre-order on digital download, CD, and 2xLP—with exclusive Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman vinyl variant covers, 11 limited edition character trading cards, and more here (PLEASE ADD HYPERLINK)
“This soundtrack and motion-comic series was made by fans of comics, for fans of comics and music,” enthuses Bates, who is beloved for his previous soundtrack work on several of the most influential superhero/graphic novel films of modern times. “‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ is next-level storytelling by two incredibly talented artists in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. The visual aspect of this comic is entirely compelling, and resonates throughout each song on the soundtrack."
'Dark Nights: Death Metal Soundtrack' Tracklist:
1. Mastodon - “Forged by Neron”
2. Chelsea Wolfe - “Diana”
3. HEALTH, Tyler Bates - “ANTI-LIFE (feat. Chino Moreno)”
4. Maria Brink, Tyler Bates - “Meet Me In Fire (feat. Andy Biersack)”
5. Grey Daze - “Anything, Anything”
6. Rise Against - :Broken Dreams, Inc.”
7. Manchester Orchestra - “Never Ending”
8. Denzel Curry, PlayThatBoiZay - “Bad Luck”
9. Carach Angren - “Skull With a Forked Tongue”
10. Starcrawler - “Good Time Girl”
11. GUNSHIP, Tyler Bates - “Berserker (feat. Dave Lombardo)”
12. Greg Puciato, Tyler Bates, Gil Sharone - “Now You've Really Done It”
13. Show Me The Body - “Stone Cold Earth”
14. IDLES - “Sodium”
15. Soccer Mommy - “Kissing in the Rain

Additionally, DC and Loma Vista Recordings will announce Special Edition Soundtrack Variants of “Dark Nights: Death Metal” issues 1-3, featuring Rise AgainstDenzel Curry, and Grey Daze (the late Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park band) on custom comic covers, and released alongside each artists’ respective flexi singles."
Executive produced by Tyler Bates (“Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Watchmen,” “John Wick”), the soundtrack will be released digitally on June 18, 2021 and physically on July 16, 2021.

Stay cool and rock on,
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