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D23's Saga Teaser hits with scintillating new footage of THE RISE OF SKYWALKER!

If this doesn't yank your fan triggers, you haven't got a gun.   This played Saturday at D23, but became available for those of us not in Anaheim, this morning.   I hesitate to call it trailer for STAR WARS EPISODE IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, because it is mostly a Saga Teaser with all 9 chapters referenced. First, here's the trailer:


See?  Now for some stills of the new stuff

They arrive at low rent Burning Man

This is the Jordanian desert - We also know this is where Rey & Kylo do their nifty Incerptor Flip Trick

There's this shot flexing Resistance strength with Ghost in there.

The First Order seems overly prepared with Palpatine's secret fleet


FINN finds his sister but he doesn't know it yet

C3PO's Incest Alert goes off

Rey practices new tricks for Leia

"Most Impressive"

She is ready

She's gone kill crazy yo!

Younglings Run!

December 20th, our questions get answered

Bert Bolger out.

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