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Top 5 Classic Monster Movie Quotes

Hey party people, Masked Man here, and it's almost time for Halloween- such as it is this year. And with one of my passions being classic monster movies, here's a list of the top five catchphrases from classic monster movies! 


Being mostly a superhero nerd, horror films, in general, are outside of my typical viewing. But I'm also a humor fan, stupid and corny humor too. And what ties those two genres together? Why horror movie host, of course! Back in my formative years, on the outskirts of Chicago, I used to watch what was called, The Son of Svengoolie (today's he's gone National on MeTV as just, Svengoolie). He's the guy to blame for making me the monster movie fan I am today. And for whatever reason, if the monster movie is in black and white, well I love it even more. Who can explain the mind of a nerd?


Anyway, this Halloween, as we are all trapped inside, I think we'll be leaning on monster movies more than usual to get us through the night. Heck, one bright spot (for me at least) Halloween is on a Saturday and Svengoolie will be showing FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN! So to start getting us all in the proper mood, here's the list of the top five classic monster movie quotes or catchphrases or whatever you want to call 'em. Those fun little bits of dialogue that have a life of their own, outside of the films that spawned 'em. Happy Halloween all!

Tom "Masked Man" Fremgen
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