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Hey, friends! Barbarella here. Not everyone wants the sweet-and-sappy, feel-good holiday offerings. Some of us are disturbed and want a little horror with our holidays this December. While I'll watch anything, I gravitate towards the darker, more sinister themes, and CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS looks like just the thing to satiate my horror need while taking into acount my desire to get in a bit of holiday cheer. Thanks Joe Begos for packaging a gift this year that looks festively macabre.

Starring Riley Dandy, Sam Delich, and Abraham Benrubi, CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS will be in theaters and streaming on Shudder December 9, 2022. I'm hopeful I'll love it enough to add it to my holiday movie rotation, but I guess, like a kid in November, I'll just have to eagerly wait until next month to see what Santa delivers.

Check out the trailer. I mean, how fun does this look?! 

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