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New AICN writer Prometheus takes a look at the CHILD'S PLAY trailer... Chucky 2.0?

(Dannie Here! I know we already have shared this trailer; however, a new writer sent in this write up, and it shares his perspective on the new "CHILD'S PLAY." I hope you all enjoy!)


   Continuing with the recent trend of rebooting horror classics is the soon to be released CHILD'S PLAY. Written by Tyler Burton Smith and directed by Lars Klevberg. 


   I'll be honest. I loved the original CHILD'S PLAY when I was a kid. Chucky was great. An inanimate doll (with a few catch phrases, come on you remember) that came to life a la some ancient voodoo and went on a murdering spree while trying to steal a little boy's body to come back to life. Pure gold. Okay, I was nine years old at the time, but still, it made for one hell of an entertaining movie. 


   Needless to say, when I heard they were rebooting it, I was a little excited. With today's special FX this could be awesome, right? 


Don't get me wrong. The trailer was well put together. It was tense, it was dark, and it gave me the impression that the movie will stick to the same "almost humorous in parts" tone of the original. (Scream Queen award for the guy in the Xmas lights!)


   Even if the tone does stay familiar, there is going to be one big difference. This is not "our" Chucky. No. This is not just some inanimate doll brought to life. This doll is already alive. I feel I can explain without spoiling anything because the trailer relies heavily on making this fact clear. You see, this is Chucky 2.0. He easily links to all kinds of devices via an app, and as I'm sure you can imagine, this causes all kinds of ensuing chaos. 


   While this seems like an interesting premise, a new one it is not. 


   Man makes machine. Machine kills man. Man somehow triumphs over its blunder. 


Sound familiar? I thought it might. 


   My question is, will this work? Yes, the thought of a doll coming to life and taking over your devices and then murdering with said devices is pretty scary. But is that still Chucky? 


   One thing did stand out me. Or should I say the lack of one thing stood out to me? The app Chucky connects with is called "Buddi". A call back to my childhood for sure. Still, I was expecting "Good Guy" to be mentioned. It was not. The "Good Guy" doll is synonymous with CHILD'S PLAY. It's iconic, and I am hoping it was not removed because taking the "Good Guy" out of CHILD'S PLAY, for me, would be like moving Freddy off of Elm St. Or worse... Like putting Jason in space. 



   Maybe it works, and maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. I'll be on the watch for updates and future trailers but until then horror geeks, there was one glint of light (a sliver of darkness?). 

*Slight spoiler alert*


Mark Hamill absolutely slaughters it as the voice of Chucky. It's at the end, and it's only one line of dialogue, but man, it gave me chills. Check out the trailer below for yourself. Are you excited for Chucky 2.0?


Until next time, keep on geeking on my friends! 


Joshua "Prometheus" Scafidi




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