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Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman... CANDYMAN!

  Hello all Mad Dashiell here and there I said it, you won't just say it five times you will want to watch the new trailer for Candyman five times at least to take in all that it has going for it. The sinister logo for Monkeypaw Productions is back and in a flash we know we are in good hands if you dint know already, or in this case, a bloody hook. So after you watch the trailer 5 times, ya wanna run to IMDB and see if Tony Todd is in it don't ya? Well, he's not there. Neither is the word or name Candyman anywhere to be found in this case. 


 This doesn't look like a run of the mill reboot in the slightest. The kids in school piling into the bathroom to summon the boogeyman is something we have already seen. But then what we see is an artist Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) looking for inspiration by exploring the myth of Candyman. The myth is calling him, consuming him, his work, and everyone around him that goes just far enough to dare to tempt the fate of a local curse. 



Writing credits go to Clive Barker, Jordan Peele, & Win Rosenfeld. 


The film is slated to drop in the US on June 12, 2020


Mad Dashiell's Space For Rant: Well, so far Mr. Peele has brought us GET OUT and US. These are perfect nightmares and like nightmares the more you pull on the strings of reason the less they make sense to us. These are not franchisable, they stand perfect on their own. That looks like it's about to change. I for one am happy Mr. Peele is involved and getting the project off to the races and hope to see more already before it has even started yet. If it stands on its own, well, so be it, its gonna be grand. (heres hoping) I also dug the Bee stinging Anthony. Classic animal totem nods or just annoying bee spooky fanfare? So far that's for the individual to decide. Take care!


Thanks for joining us at AICN, Mad Dashiell signing off

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