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Prometheus See's "BUTTERFLY KISSES" – Written and Directed by Erik Kristopher Myers


BUTTERFLY KISSES – Written and Directed by Erik Kristopher Myers (EKM)!!! (No Spoilers)

                                                                            (Now streaming on Amazon Prime!)


BUTTERFLY KISSES is available now on Amazon Prime and if you're looking for a film to watch tonight that will give you the absolute creeps, look no further! 


 BUTTERFLY KISSES is utterly haunting. Be prepared to sleep with the lights on! It's not just a “found footage” style horror film. It does fall in this genre, and yes, it does deal with “found footage” but with a unique twist and it's done very well. It was written and directed by Erik Kristopher Myers, known here as EKM, and I sat down to watch it last night! You can view the full cast and crew here! 


BUTTERFLY KISSES centers around the legend of “The Peeping Tom” aka “The Blink Man” and a filmmaker (Gavin York), who finds some lost tapes of two college students who were investigating the legend and decides to make a documentary about what happened to them. Things get.... very interesting from there.   


The first scene immediately grabbed my attention and set the mood for the rest of the film. It was creepy, ominous, and quite effective at making me wonder what was going to happen.  It pulled me in, and by halfway through, I was fully invested in the legend of “The Peeping Tom.”   


This isn’t a high budget horror film that uses gore and special effects to get cheap scares. BUTTERFLY KISSES relies predominantly on its story to get under your skin. And get under my skin, it did. I’m a horror geek guy’s, it’s kind of my thing, and I give this my “Official Horror Film Stamp of Approval.” (Yes, I am licensed to do that.) Whether you’re a full-fledged horror nerd such as myself, or you're just looking for a fun scare, watch this film! Even if “found footage” flicks aren't your niche. This one will surprise you.

A good horror film stays with you. It attaches to your brain for a little while, and 24 hours later, I'm still thinking about "The Peeping Tom!" 


That’s it for now! Don’t forget to comment below and be sure to go check out BUTTERFLY KISSES on Amazon Prime! I dare you to turn off the lights!!! Until next time, keep on geekin’ on my friends! 


Joshua “Prometheus” Scafidi 

Follow me: @JoshuaScafidi 



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