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Boyka returns for AVENGEMENT


Freddy Beans, with news on an upcoming action flick titled AVENGEMENT.

Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired the U.S. rights to the Jesse V. Johnson/Scott Adkins 6th remix.  These guys like working together!

Scott Adkins (UNDISPUTED 2: LAST MAN STANDING) plays Cain Burgess, a criminal recently released on furlough from prison.  Cain returns to his old neighborhood to get his “AVENGEMENT” on those that made him a cold hearted killer. 

No doubt, by killing as many as he can cold heartedly.  Will Cain find his soul ripping through those that stand in his way? 
Who really cares, as long as he leaves a trail of blood in his wake!

Craig Fairbrass, Nick Moran, Kierston Wareing, Thomas Turgoose and Louis Mandylor round out the cast for this one.

Boyka returns in theaters and digital May 24th.

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