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Billie Eilish's NO TIME TO DIE theme song has hit!

Hey folks, Harry here with the brand newly released 20th Bond series title song by the 18 year old sensation, Billie Eilish!  I have to say, without yet seeing the TITLE SEQUENCE that will be set to this tune...  it sounds absolutely like a Bond Song.   It's got that vibe to it.   It doesn't always seem that way to me.  However, this one feels like Martinis that are shaken and not stirred.  If I had an Aston Martin, I could even imagine playing it from time to time.   Hell, I've listened to it all the way through 5 times already.

And that doesn't count this tease video I saw first:



Cary Fukunaga's James Bond, for me, is highly anticipated.  His season of TRUE DETECTIVE with Woody & Matthew was just nothing short of incredible and his features SIN NOMBRE & JANE EYRE were both fantastic.   Now those are very different from a James Bond movie, but right now we know there's a great title song - and an Aston Martin with machineguns behind the headlights - so that is exciting.

If this really is the final Daniel Craig BOND - where do you hope to see the franchise go next?   A younger Bond?  A Bond of a different color or gender?  If you were kicking the next iteration off, would it be a remake of a prior adventure and who would you like to direct?

NO TIME TO DIE launches in the USA on 4/10/2020 - so not very long from now.


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