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Freddy Beans, with a review of a British creature feature you do not want to miss titled BOOK OF MONSTERS.

The creature feature has really fallen out of favor in the last decade.  I’m not a fan of the movement.  That’s how horror works though, like fashion.  One year it’s out.  Twenty years later it’s in and in a big way.  When a movie comes out that embraces the creature design, they could literally be mailing a postcard directly to my blood pumping heart.  I adore them like some do puppies.  So when I saw that trailer you knew I had to see this one.

And holy shit, it doesn’t disappoint!

BOOK OF MONSTERS is a modern day NIGHT OF THE DEMONS told with DEAD ALIVE flair.

The beginning plot will sound familiar to horror buffs.  Sophie (Lynsey Craine) is hitting the big 1-8 and her best friends are going to hold the biggest party ever for her. 

At her place. 

Beth (Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton) and Mona (Michaela Longden) mean well, of course but things fall apart quickly. 

A really old virgin dude at the party falls for the oldest trick on the planet.  A pretty girl beckoning him her way.  They fall for it every time!  It doesn’t’ go well for the old chap and this British horror movie takes off. 

There’s plenty of miscues and hit or miss humor.  Most of them land but there’s clearly a few that couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.  The acting is pretty good.  Nothing stands out, nor ruins a scene.  In the end, none of that really matters.  This movie is loads of fun, even if it could use a good trimming.

There’s a backstory about Sophie.  Connecting her to that aforementioned BOOK OF MONSTERS, as she loses her mom. 
Once that book is opened on her big day, Sophie and her friends fight for survival.  It’s NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, except we don’t’ get any demons, we get shapeshifters, ghosts, possessions, mutated garden gnomes, and much more.  They all have their own vicious way of removing a guest from the party, never to be seen again until the credits.

Stewart Sparke really hits it out of the park directing his sophomore effort.  This is a movie you can’t help have fun with.  It’s filmed with confidence from a script by Paul Butler.

They left everything open for a another one.  Setting these three girls up as future monster slayers in a sequel, I hope is made.

If you like any of the movies I mentioned in this article, this is one not to miss.

BOOK OF MONSTERS is available March 19th, you can pre-order here.

8 out of 10 monsters have bad self-images

Til next time Kids

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