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It May Only be July, but Here's a Trailer for THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER!

[L-R] Beatrice Schneider as “Imogene Herdman,” Mason Nelligan as “Ralph Herdman,” Matthew Lamb as “Claude Herdman,” Ewan Wood as “Leroy Herdman,” Essek Moore as “Ollie Herdman” and Kynlee Heiman as “Gladys Herdman” in the family, drama THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER, a Lionsgate release. Photo Credit: Allen Fraser/Lionsgate.Hey friends, Barbarella here. I know it’s way too early to start thinking about Christmas, but we have a trailer to share with you for a Christmas movie! Please forgive us. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever comes to theaters November 8. 

Based on Barbara Robinson’s beloved book, the story centers on the Herdmans as they take over their local church pageant. The worst kids in the community participating in a church activity; what could go wrong? It’s hard to say from the trailer if this movie, starring Judy Greer, Pete Holmes, Molly Belle Wright, and Lauren Graham, is going to be just another sappy Christmas story or something memorable to add to one's annual holiday movie rotation. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.  

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