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Masked Man's Latest Super-Hero Pow Video Answers the Question "Is Anyone Tougher Than BATMAN?"

Masked Man aka Tom Fremgen here with a new episode of Super Hero Pow!

This time I go back to my favorite subject, Batman! Everyone knows he's the toughest fighter in the DCU. Heck, possibly all comics, but there are three non-super powered DC characters who can beat him. Check out my video to learn who and why! That's right, you heard me. There are three normal DC characters who can beat Batman in a straight-up fight! To give you a hint on who they are, they were all created by one of the greatest Batman scribes of all time: Denny O'Neil! 


Here is the latest episode of Super Hero Pow! 

I hope you enjoyed the latest episode. Let me know what all of you think. Thanks for listening to me ramble on!

Masked Man aka Tom Fremgen


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