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An Apology

Hey Folks, Harry here. A few days ago in a review I made a misguided attempt to talk about allegations against me from my perspective. That was... a mistake. I can do better.

I am still coming to terms with the realization that I hurt people, and I have been hesitant to talk about it because of my fear of offending anyone even further. So for over two years, I haven’t said much of anything about it. After stepping away from AICN, being forced out of Fantastic Fest, getting kicked out of the Austin Film Critics Association, and being banned from all Alamo Drafthouse locations, I just wanted to check out for awhile to work on myself and my marriage and to try to reconcile the accusations.

While it definitely hurts to know that there are people who think you’re a garbage person, it is uniquely painful to realize you tragically misread the room and hurt someone- whether intentionally or not. While I’ve always seen myself as a wise cracking know-it-all with a twisted sense of humor, I have come to understand that my innuendo (even with the women I had chatted up for years) wasn’t as amusing as I thought it was. What I thought was a genuine LOL, was apparently only polite laughter as they slowly backed out of the virtual room. What I considered an obvious joke wasn’t so obvious in the vacuum of text conversations. I know my intentions were not malicious, but I now understand that my poor judgement put some women in icky situations.

So here we are. I apologize to the women I hurt. I apologize to the readers I disappointed. I apologize that it took over two years to get here. I apologize to the writers who kept the site going while I tried to figure this all out. I apologize for all the mistakes I probably made in this apology. I fucked up. I fucked up and I feel terrible about it and I am truly sorry for all the pain I’ve caused. While I know for some this is too little too late, please know that I am sincerely trying to make a move in the right direction.

My first best purpose in life is to share and pass on the film knowledge & enthusiasm that my parents infused into my DNA. I'm writing on AICN again for those that have been writing me wanting my particular GLASS IS FULL optimism and love for cinema.  I won't be at any critiic screenings or advance screenings.  My days of hosting events here are behind me, and that is a profound sadness.

We should always treat everyone with the utmost respect and consideration. Words have consequences and so do actions.  I will dedicate myself to loving my family, friends and films for the rest of my life.   I would hope as much for all of you.

Keep it cool, 



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