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Third ALADDIN Trailer Finally Shines! ...Mostly!


Alright you guys, NOW we’re really talking about a legit 1992 ALADDIN remake! There’s color, there’s singing, there’s dancing, there’s...well still Will Smith as Genie--BUT YOU GUYS, this is what we’ve been waiting to see!



Most everything about this trailer felt right! Except well, the moment Will Smith does his “UHNN!!” During “Friend Like Me”. That part just hurt. Really, it is surprising just how much you would expect of Smith to play Genie as, is exactly what you would expect. That still doesn’t make it good. In this case, good is considered by what was true and accurate to the original animated movie because literally everything else is.


I’m curious/scared to know how they did with “Prince Ali”, but that is too be seen/heard.

Aladdin and Jasmine’s voices are spot on for their Oscar winning song “A Whole New World”. The visuals appear just as we would hope with fireworks and color swirling about. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.


Jafar still appears as intimidating as mouse.


Overall though, had I not seen the original, I’d be full force into seeing this. And you know, for a lot of kids: this will be their first exposure to ALADDIN, or the animation is still fresh to them so they won’t have overly critical feelings of nostalgia overshadowing their views on it, and those kiddos will have a lot of fun, I think. Keeping an open mind, as all things in life CHANGE.


Still though, I have a feeling had they gone with Smith during the 90s this is exactly what would have gotten then. Yeah okay, Genie’s role is the one thing I am obviously having a hard time getting over. Most of us 90s kids are really struggling with the loss of Robin Williams, as he defined a generation of movies in our youth. He legacy lives on, as his death has really inspired a wide wakeup call to awareness of mental health.

Sorry y’all, didn’t mean to end this on a sad note. Of course, Williams is very hard to separate from this movie because, and also that, he meant so much to our generation.


But hey, we finally saw Abu! Look at the dancing monkeeeeey! And Magic Carpet! Was I the only one thought that of the carpet when we saw Dr. Strange’s cape on the big screen?


~Big Eyes

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