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AICN is giving away an action figure from FREAKS

Ken, with the coolest giveaway I’ve had the honor of hosting here at AICN via Well Go USA. 

They are offering a collectible toy of Mr. Snowcone from the movie FREAKS, out September 13th.  FREAKS is a 1h 44min character study that turns into a thrilling action ride by the films end.

Gobble gobble, one of us!  Nope, not that FREAKS.

This FREAKS, is written and directed by the Zach Lipovsky and Adam B Stein tandem.  It stars Emile Hirsch-doing his best Jack Black impersonation, Lexy Kolker and Bruce Dern. 

I just watched it last night and will have a review closer to its release date on the 13th.  I will say this.  I kind of loved it.  It’s a surprisingly badass film that had me enraptured.  What starts off as a creepy little mystery that feels an awful lot like a kidnapping, turns into a world of super powered “freaks” hunted by wolves. 

Here’s the trailer:

So what is Submersive giving AICN to giveaway to you kids? 

A Mr. Snowcone (Bruce Dern) action figure created by Dan Polydoris of @deathbytoys on Instagram.  Give him a look and a follow.

This is 1 of 1 folks.  It doesn’t get more collectible than that.  There are literally no other action figures of this guy around.  There was a Chloe (Lexy Kolker) action figure also, but Lexy decided to keep hers.  What kid wouldn’t?

Here’s Mr. Snowcone.

There’s also a few posters being offered to the runner-ups, see those below.

So what do you have to do for this contest?
I want to see what kind of superhero you all believe Mr. Snowcone might be.  You can draw, write, photoshop your responses to me at  There are no restrictions except I want creative answers or art.  I will announce the winner and share the winner’s response in my review on or around the 13th.  I may share the runner-ups too, we shall see.

Show us the collective creative minds visiting AICN and wow me!

Til next time Kids

Ken Lewis (AKA: Freddy Beans)
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