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AICN's 3rd iTune giveaway has six movies for two lucky winners, courtesy of RLJE Films & AMC's Shudder

Ken with AICN’s 3rd monthly iTune giveaway via RLJE and AMC Network’s SHUDDER.

This month’s giveaway is especially tasty.  There are six total films included, meaning six codes for two lucky winners.

The movies are anchored by one of the best horror flicks of the year, TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID.

So what do you get?

Available Dec. 3rd
CHRISTMAS PRESENCE:  Written and directed by James Edward Cook.

A group of friends get together to celebrate Christmas in a remote lodge.  The celebration ends quickly when one of them vanishes.  There’s evil intentions that are revealed and while everyone dreams of a white Christmas, this group ends up living a crimson red Christmas.

BOAR:  Written and directed by Chris Sun

In the Australian outback there’s a self-centered pig wrecking havok.  No it’s not RAZORBACK (1984) it’s BOAR.  He’s not out for truffles, he’s out for blood.

TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID:  Written and directed by Issa Lopez

Three children are granted magical wishes after their parents are murdered by the drug cartel in Mexico.  The orphans are still being hunted and have to be thoughtful about those wishes or their numbers will fall.

Available Dec. 10th

THE WRATH:  Written and directed by Yoo Young-Seon

Lee’s family is dwindling.  His oldest son died and his youngest son just joined his brother, six feet under.  Their third son lies unborn in his mother’s womb.  Who can blame him for staying?  Lee’s wife must figure out why they’re cursed before they become a family of two.

MON MON MON MONSTERS:  Written and directed by Giddens Ko

A group of classmates doing community service, find two flesh eating monsters in an old dilapidated building.  One of the monsters escapes and the teens attack and tortures the one that couldn’t get away.  Things take a violent twist when the monster that got away, comes back with a vengeance.

ONE CUT OF THE DEAD:  Written and directed by Shin’ichiro Ueda

A director is filming a low-budget zombie flick, when the budget blows up with no cost extras, in the form of real zombies.  The director wants to keep filming and the actors want to quit making movies.

For this great haul, I ask you to e-mail me with your favorite Christmas horror movie and why it's so, to

The more honest, thoughtful, or plain funny the better your odds. 

We have 6 codes to give to 2 lucky winners.  I will respond to the winners next Friday.

Good luck to all and to all a SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT!

Til next time Kids

Ken Lewis (AKA: Freddy Beans)

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