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A night at the TOLL BOOTH

Freddy here, for a review of an exceptional little short film titled TOLL BOOTH.

That is how you cut a trailer!  I just love that music!  Brings me right back to the 70’s/80’s heyday of horror movies. 

TOLL BOOTH is a simple concept on a micro-budget that succeeds due to the atmosphere it’s able to create in its 12 minute run time.  Terry’s (Andrew Shire) first day on the job at a toll booth goes a bit unplanned.  We connect immediately with Terry as he pretends to have a handle on his first night.  Fighting the tedium of waiting for tolls with comical cuts until he hears noises outside.  The suspense that Martin Stocks (Director) builds in the short film is incredible, especially considering the morsels of comedy he’s tossing in this short turn around.  There’s a scene that seemed cut straight from THE SHINING that was a welcome surprise to boot.

Andrew Shire is perfect as the affable Terry.  A little bit Seth Rogen mixed with a little bit MacReady.

Martin Stocks is a director to look out for.  He has another short on the way titled THE EX co-directed with Gareth Brown.  Where a man (Andrew Shire) arrives early for a date and ends up in a fight with her ex-boyfriend’s photograph.  Yes, you read that right. 

Then another short titled BLACK LAKE that sounds like his most ambitious film yet.

A man (Andrew Shire) causes a fatal car crash and in order to escape the netherworld he now inhibits he must make the ultimate sacrifice while confronting his worst fears. 

I want to see this concept art on film.

TOLL BOOTH is coming to the end of its festival run and has won 7 awards and received 4 honourable mentions, including the Oscar-qualifying Leeds International Film Festival.

My only complaint about the film is that it ends too soon.  As all good short must.  Don’t worry about me too much though, Martin assured, he’s developing a feature length version of TOLL BOTH currently.  I hope it’s in enough time for Christmas 2020!
Here’s an earlier short by Martin titled THE CLOWN ATTACKS.  Yes, also starring Andrew Shire. 

You really get to see Andrew’s range watching this juxtaposed against the complete opposite character he plays in TOLL BOOTH.

Anyone looking forward to a night all alone at the TOLL BOOTH?

Til next time Kids

Ken Lewis - AKA  Freddy Beans


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