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An AICN Exclusive First Look at the Trailer for 1ST BORN

On December 3, 2019 Uncork’d Entertainment is releasing the family comedy 1st BORN on several digital formats including Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, and iTunes. 
According to the synopsis of the film:
Ben and Kate tried and failed until and miracle happens and they discover Kate is finally pregnant. However, like all miracles, it comes with a cost. The baby is sick, and the key to saving it is in Ben and Kate’s fathers’ bone marrow. Gettinf that bone marrow is harder than it sounds. Hamid, Ben’s father, is a virulent anti-American Iranian politician. Biden, Kate’s father, is an equally virulent anti-Iranian American politician. The plan to save their child is thrown into a grown man-baby conflict that everyone expects, but no one wants to deal with. Ultimately, family is a sloppy endeavor, and sometimes your enemy turns out to be your only hope. 
AICN has an exclusive first look at the trailer for 1st BORN right here!
1st BORN was written by Sam Khoze, Mehdi Alimirzaee, and Tarek Zohdy. Khoze also directed the film along with Ali Atshani. The all-star ensemble cast includes Taylor Cole, Reza Sixo Safai, Tom Berenger, Val Kilmer, and Denise Richards.
Check out 1st BORN when it hits a screen near you on December 3!
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