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Updated!! One JANE GOT A GUN Problem Resolved, Another Springs Up - Gavin O'Connor To Direct, But Jude Law Now Out, Too!!

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As they say, time is money, so, in light of the recent developments that had Lynne Ramsay no-showing the first day of production of the Western JANE GOT A GUN, leaving the film directorless, you couldn't have expected producers to wait too long to land a replacement. Gavin O'Connor, who helmed the MMA-picture WARRIOR, has landed the gig, according to Deadline, and is expected to have the film back into production as soon as Thursday of this week. To lose one director on Monday, leaving your film stranded, and come away with someone quickly enough that things are on track once again by the end of the week is quite the impressive display of getting things done with urgency. Waiting any longer put the film in jeopardy of happening, as no director means no movie which means no more cast which means all that money poured into development is essentially pissed away... and that was never going to be an option

Sometimes it pays to just be at home doing nothing, and the fact that O'Connor just happened to be available at the moment is quite the break for JANE GOT A GUN. 

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UPDATE: What a mess JANE GOT A GUN is quickly becoming. Seriously... it's like a game of Whac-A-Mole. One problem pops up and gets squashed, so another one springs up somewhere else. Fresh off the news that Gavin O'Connor is signing on to take the director's chair on the picture, Deadline now reports that Jude Law, who had signed onto the film a shade over a week ago to replace the departing Michael Fassbender, is out, formally withdrawing from the movie he only agreed to participate in because of his desire to work with Lynne Ramsay. Fassbender had left when delays pushed JANE into conflict with his X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST commitments, but this is a creative decision made by Law not to stay aboard with the film that most likely won't deviate too much from Ramsay's creative vision. After all, with the film slated to restart production on Thursday, there's not much wiggle room for O'Connor to change what Ramsay had already set in motion. 

Who will they get to replace him now? Well, perhaps Joel Edgerton may slot back over into the villain role he had shifted from when Law got involved, and they'll cast for a new hero... or it's back to the drawing board for the film's bad guy. 

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