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A Bit Of Musical Casting Chairs On JANE GOT A GUN!!

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Quite a bit of cast shifting went down yesterday for Lynne Ramsay's JANE GOT A GUN, the Natalie Portman-fronted Western whose production has been pushed back a few times. Well, this most recent delay just cost them Michael Fassbender, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that Fassbender's X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST commitments became a problem recently, and those conflicts forced him to pull out of the film. 

That's a small sliver of bad news, but it's going to be okay with the news that Jude Law will be stepping into his vacancy... well, sort of. That's where the game of musical chairs begins. Okay, follow me now...

Fassbender had been set to play the male lead, an ex-lover of Portman's who is called upon to help her defend her home against her husband's recent gang who had left him for dead and has now tracked down his whereabouts to finish the job. That ex will now be played by Joel Edgerton, who had previously been lined up to play the film's villain, the leader of that gang out for Portman's husband's blood. Jude Law will now step in to take on that bad guy role. 

Lose a Fassbender, gain a Law... sounds like breaking even to me, as JANE GOT A GUN heads in front of cameras in a few weeks. 

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