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This Week's SATURDAY SHORTS Has What The Doctor's Ordered: Genre Fun!

Hello ladies and genltemen, Muldoon here with this week's selection of Saturday Shorts and boy is it packed with awesome. Whether you want to see bigfoot going apeshit on campers, a badass masked wrestler with a score to settle, or a heavy vxf visual explosion of quality - it's here. Today's a good mixture of genre fun and while you may or may not dig them all, hopefully you'll get a chance to see a cool short you otherwise wouldn't have seen. One thing's certain with these shorts (and every single short ever on SATURDAY SHORTS for that matter) a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into each one - quite often the filmmakers lurk in the Talkbacks below - so feel free to share your thoughts or questions. (Just don't be a dick, save that for another thread or better yet... just don't be a dick.)

Go grab yourself some popcorn, lock your kids in a closet, kill the lights, relax and check out this little weekly film fest we've got ourselves here:


TRT: 29:48


Up first we have a pretty fun horror shot in by producer Winsor Yuan and director Rob Himebaugh. "Summer, 1971. Three campers defy local legend and desecrate an ancient totem pole in the woods surrounding Camp Eaglewalk, unleashing the fury of a mysterious creature that kills two of them. Ten years later, emotionally damaged and determined to convince himself there's no such thing as monsters, Elliot, the sole survivor of that night, returns along with a handful of counselors to reopen the now-abandoned summer camp. What follows is a 24-hour nightmare of terror!" If you want to reach out to the gang behind the film, email them:

Eaglewalk from Tristan Borys on Vimeo.



TRT: 4:48

SciFi Comedy

Here we are with a damn funny short from director Matt MacDonald ( that is sure to put a smile of your face. "The Invention of Video Games" tells the tale of hapless inventor Herman A. Tari and his newest creation: the world's very first video game. In the magical, long-ago land of 1981, Herman sets out against countless obstacles in his quest for digital fame. Can Herman change the world with this new "video game"?"



TRT: 9:34


Next up is a home invasion film from director Jordan Kerfeld and co. "Paul is unemployed, his father-in-law hates him, and he goes to bed every night in his wife's childhood bedroom. Desperate to escape his circumstances, he masterminds a home invasion plot to earn his freedom." Jordan's also putting together "an action revenge thriller with knife fights and ice cream trucks" and if you're interested in helping with that: give the film's indigogo a shot HERE.

Housebreaking, A Home Invasion Thriller from Jordan Kerfeld on Vimeo.



TRT: 27:03


Up next is a spetacle, a giant nod to the absurd. I dig it. From director Kevin Beauchamp comes this crazy flick.

"MUY MACHO" tells the tale of a put upon, alcoholic gardener named Gustavo Jimenez who finds out he comes from a long line of Luchador masked superheroes in Yuma, Arizona.

Once he ingests a homemade serum, accompanied with copious amounts of alcohol, Gustavo becomes a nine foot tall Luchador masked wall of rippling Mexican crime fighting muscle. With his abrasive grandmother Juanita at his side and armed with misc. landscaping tools, he is sent on a collision course with a flamenco suit wearing, flamethrower toting foe - CALIENTE, who is determined to watch Arizona burn.

MUY MACHO (27 min. short film) from Kevin Beauchamp on Vimeo.



TRT: 4:20


And to wrap up this week is a visual feast from David Matheny, DEPART FROM ME. And as a bonus, a cut of the original footage. The film was shot with a 7D and utilized After Effects CS3.

DEPART FROM ME (revised) from David Matheny on Vimeo.

DFM Original Footage (no vfx or color correction) from David Matheny on Vimeo.

There we have it ladies and gents, this week's installment of SATURDAY SHORTS. Be sure to come back next week where I'll have more kickass shorts for your viewing pleasures. Check out past SS:

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If you have a short and think it belongs here or are on the fence about whether to send it in, please do send it in - I'd love to see what you've put together. I've already seen hundreds of fresh new filmmakers' shorts and like any good addict, I need more!

Shoot me an email at ""

In the subject line include:

“SHORTS” + “Your film’s name” + “The film’s genre”

Then, in the body of the email, please include a synopsis of the film and any contact information you might think I need or would want published. The more info you send my way, the more info there is to put with your short.

Please don’t feel the need to submit multiple times. 

Remember, the filmmakers might still be in the audience, so feel free to share your thoughts in Talkbacks below. (JUST DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE). I picked them, so you know I think highly of all of these, but how about you fine folks? How'd you like 'em?



- Mike McCutchen


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  • Dec. 1, 2012, 1:26 p.m. CST

    Nice and early again, well done!

    by Autodidact

    Now add some dates to those genre listings. Yes, I am the one who first told you to use genre listings because dates were too generic. But now I think it would help if you showed the date of each batch along with the genre. You could go further and include some or all of the titles in the "alt" attribute of the A tag, so that the information would be available on rollover (in most browsers) without killing the layout or requiring any fancy HTML.

  • Dec. 1, 2012, 2:46 p.m. CST

    The Doctor didn't order this

    by HornOrSilk

    no fez

  • Dec. 1, 2012, 3:01 p.m. CST

    This era of filmmaking will be known as the Lens flare era.

    by AMchannelEpicwish@Youtube

    It's getting to be distracting now. It's everywhere. Just played Hitman Absolution, they went a step further added dirty lens along with flares.

  • Dec. 1, 2012, 3:22 p.m. CST

    Definitely, epicwish

    by nephilim138

    Many seem to think that blinding the viewer will hide the shitty writing, acting or both. It does not.

  • Dec. 1, 2012, 4:07 p.m. CST

    Lens Flare

    by Glenn

    The recent "The Thing" prequel even built in some of the old school blue/red lens flares, but you could tell they were vfx. Anyone watch Depart From Me, up above? That guy should direct commercials...but not movies. So tired of pretty visuals and perfect effects but you're left at the end with that feeling of "what the hell was that all about? why doesn't the director offer anything more from the performances than profile shots of faces, a smirk here and there? Where's the character work?" Even in a short, you have to have structure in the storytelling. Christ, is it that hard to work out your story first? (It IS hard but that's why the talented put in the time...)

  • Dec. 2, 2012, 1:16 a.m. CST

    SATURDAY SHORTS — aka — Sunny Side Up!

    by justmyluck

    EAGLEWALK Retro status guaranteed with opening *shooting-star-sky*, similar to those shots from *Platoon* or *E.T.*. When I watch these overt 80s homages (which camera, lighting, art direction and score aced completely on this), I do get confused as to whether I should take it in as a nostalgic replication of an era, or a modern *here and now* entertainment awash in the period. Director's scoring accomplished and loaded with nostalgic orchestration, but lead actor's constantly intense emotional baggage could have been dialed down (or at least modulated). Sasquatch/Schlock practical creature so-so in daylight, but very impressed by other tech aspects — especially camera moves — imaged on film in 2012 = yay! @Muldoon: director is Rob Himebaugh THE INVENTION OF VIDEO GAMES There were video games before 1981 (like SPACE INVADERS, referenced here), though this is more *the invention of the joystick*. Being made after SCOTT PILGRIM, there will be comparisons due to superimposed 8-bit era animated effects used here in a similar manner. Cute and well-paced. HOUSEBREAKING Adroit picture/sound cross-editing of couple's foreplay and thief's illegal entry. Inside-job luxury house break-in shades of the setup from PANIC ROOM, but this a different tale of simplicity with character detail, silence, backlit and slat-lit interiors. Final dissolve to similarly-lit meal the only misfire, making it seem as if subtext-laden dinner grace is happening right after the shooting. MUY MACHO Opening titles hail Rodriguez/Tarantino territory. Bias towards medium shots, pauses between line readings and mom/son's aversion to eye contact leave actors looking lost in the set for their routine which goes on...and on. Once things get going with *the other production* (action montages with hulk version, his flamboyant nemesis and decoratively-welding-masked henchmen) results are engaging. While this origin story has *palabras con cojones*, some inspired character moments and was eventually saved by the villain, for the credit-announced follow-up I'd recommend concentrating on a cohesive editing tempo. DEPART FROM ME Didn't know what to make of this, beyond a compositing demo where every After Effects filter menu was given a tryout. If this was trying to evoke some spooky, ephemeral, future-tech exorcism, it worked. DEPART FROM ME (revised) Raw footage reveals mixed low-light DSLR image quality, smoothed-over with above-noted 2D VFX. Overall this week = mezzo forte.

  • Dec. 2, 2012, 2:01 p.m. CST

    Its funny to list what old version of After Effects was used...

    by ufoclub1977

    too much detail?

  • Dec. 2, 2012, 3:21 p.m. CST


    by Muldoon

    Not to some. To some it's almost like saying "Don't gripe because you have CS5.5 and not CS6, look what this guy did with CS3..." I see VideoCoPilot stuff ALL THE TIME, to the point of recognizing explosions/blood hits in some cases. You're right, it is an odd detail to put in, but not to me. To me it's a reminder you don't need to rely too heavily on the shiniest/newest software to create something truly stunning. Of course - while enjoying a film you shouldn't care about what was used/how it was made - but after the fact, it's cool to go and dissect it a bit, that's why I really dig the guy putting up his original footage (Kind of like THE HOST 2 before/after that came out a bit ago).

  • I enjoyed the retro Spielberg opening shot, and the cinematography and lighting is excellent throughout. The filmmakers show great skill in knowing how to make the most of their apesuit on screen. The actors are really good for a short film like this. I'll be honest, I don't always get all the way through the shorts I watch on here, but this one really grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Yes, it's a homage to a lost era of movies, but it's a great homage. I suspect the filmmakers were living out their fantasy of helming a "Friday the 13th" film, and "Night of the Demon" may have also been an influence. Fantastic camera angles throughout and an exciting climax. Bravo!

  • Dec. 2, 2012, 9:33 p.m. CST

    Thanks AICN! (Housebreaking)

    by Jordan Kerfeld

    Thank you so much for sharing our work with your viewers. Loved justmyluck's input, and welcome any other comments or questions anybody else might have. The entire cast and crew thanks you for your support! The team remains intact for our next one, Tears At Dawn, a Genre film with a capital G! :) We're reaching the midway point of our fundraising campaign and unfortunately have a ways to go. If y'all have a minute, please check out our page! Every little bit helps, even if it involves helping spread the word. Best, Jordan Kerfeld

  • Dec. 3, 2012, 9:57 a.m. CST

    Muy Macho

    by Kevin

    Thank you Muldoon and AICN for supporting not only our film, "Muy Macho", but short films in general. We are honored and humbled to be featured alongside this week's other entries on Saturday Shorts. Also, I'd like to thank all of you who took the time out of their day to watch our film and/or comment on it. Whether you liked it or not, you still gave it a shot. From the bottom of our hearts, we truly appreciate it. A special thank you to justmyluck for their input. Always look forward to your astute and honest observations/critiques of the week's featured films. Once again, thank you for watching our film! Best, Kevin Beauchamp

  • Dec. 3, 2012, 10:17 a.m. CST

    Muldoon, understood... I just wondered how many here are AE savvy.

    by ufoclub1977

    I'm stuck on CS5 with my projects... ha.

  • Dec. 3, 2012, 12:21 p.m. CST


    by Muldoon

    Totally true. I'm a 2d vfx compositor on the side (the side on the side of the side...), so that stuff tends to scream at me. It really is a bit of useless info for 95% of the readers though, you're right.

  • Dec. 4, 2012, 2:52 p.m. CST

    he ingests a homemade serum

    by Breotan

    You really need to work on your prose. I don't want to say what I initially read.