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Nordling here.

I'm starting to feel bad for DC Entertainment.  Marvel keeps dropping casting bombshells and exciting announcements, and DC can do nothing except follow in Marvel's massive wake.  But, you know, I really loved MAN OF STEEL, free-for-all citywide destruction and all.  I'm still rooting for them to succeed.  There's room for all in this franchise-stuffed entertainment world, and if these stories are told right, with DC's own unique voice, I can - gasp - see both DC's and Marvel's movies and enjoy both.  Mindblowing, I know.

That said, Marvel's got it all over DC in regards to how they're treating their fans at the moment, with real casting news and a genuine feeling of excitement that I'm just not feeling as much from BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN these days.  But things can change on a dime, and if WB pulls this off, we'll all be happy.

Latino-Review is reporting that BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN is just the beginning - according to their source, all the cameos and rumors about characters showing up fit right into JUSTICE LEAGUE, which will shoot right after BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN.  They are also very interested in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in playing a crucial role, although what role that could be is unknown at the moment.  I remember a few years back when Moriarty put an idea in the Rock's head to play Shazam, and I still hope that happens.  Shazam is one of the least cynical characters in the DC universe, and Johnson has the acting skills to pull off the gee-whiz nature of Billy Batson's alter-ego.  Yes, I know it's been debunked, but hey, I still have hopes.

Latino Review also reports that, according to their source, SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN will end on a fierce cliffhanger that leads right into JUSTICE LEAGUE.  Plot details, of course, are non-existent, but with all the cameos and characters popping into BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, there will probably be no opportunity wasted if DC can help it.

My advice? DC should play to their strengths.  Make something as far-out and as cosmic as possible.  Embrace the universe-expanding nature of their comics and put it all in there.  Darkseid, Brainiac, hell, even throw in the Joker if you want.  The chalkboard's been erased, and the best thing for Zack Snyder, David Goyer, and Christopher Nolan to do is to just play.  My two cents.

Nordling, out.

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