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Christopher McQuarrie to give Colin Firth THREE TO KILL!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

It took twelve years for Christopher McQuarrie to follow up his directorial debut, THE WAY OF THE GUN with last year’s JACK REACHER. We knew it wasn’t going to take him that long to follow up JACK REACHER, as a 2015 release date was recently announced for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 which he is writing and directing.

But, according to Deadline we might see a new McQuarrie film sooner than that as they are reporting that he is going to direct an adaptation of the French novel, THREE TO KILL. The novel was also adapted into a graphic novel entitled, WEST COAST BLUES. Colin Firth has reportedly committed to star in the film and Howard Rodman will script the film.

Here is the plot synopsis for the book from Amazon:

Businessman Georges Gerfaut witnesses a murder—and is pursued by the killers. His conventional life knocked off the rails, Gerfaut turns the tables and sets out to track down his pursuers. Along the way, he learns a thing or two about himself.... Manchette—masterful stylist, ironist, and social critic—limns the cramped lives of professionals in a neo-conservative world.

This project sounds like it has a ton of potential, as I really liked both of McQuarrie’s previous films and this sounds like it is right up his wheelhouse. The only concern I have is that it sounds like McQuarrie isn’t scripting and I haven’t seen any of the films Rodman is credited on as a writer. Firth is great though and the talent involved so far should attract other really good actors/actresses for the film.

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