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It's the time of year again! Quint needs your suggestions for the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

Aho-ho-hoy, squirts! Quint here. Halloween decorations are coming down, Thanksgiving plans are being made and daylight savings time makes it feel like nighttime is here just after noon, so that means my annual Holiday Gift Guide is just around the corner.

I've been compiling my list of cool geek items all year, but as of yesterday the full-time grind of research, coding and writing has gone into full effect.

That means it's time for me to put the call out. Every single year I ask what cool geeky shit you guys are clamoring for and each you blow me away with some crazy, fun, awesome suggestions. Even the more obvious stuff that I might already have on my list just reinforces that it's a good pick, so feel free to share your want list with me via email, Twitter or in the talkbacks below.

If you're new 'round these parts and want an idea of the kind of fun stuff I cover in the Guide, here's links to last year's Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1 covering DVDs/Blu-Rays, Food Stuffs and Geek Art, Part 2 covering Books, Gaming and Geeky Houseware and Part 3 covering Gadgets, Music, Toys, Collectibles, Apparel and Rich Stuff .

So, let me know what you can't live without this holiday season and I'll do my best to incorporate it into the Guide as I slave away at it night and day for the rest of the month!

-Eric Vespe
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