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Slide Into Your Nike Wetsuits And Check Out This Clip From STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS!!


Seems nearly incomprehensible that, after all this time...after years of waiting, anticipation, pondering, and second guessing...the next STAR TREK movie is almost upon us (I'm seeing it tomorrow!?!?)

With INTO DARKNESS and Cumberbatch now poised to storm the world, Paramount and Team Abrams are dialing their publicity machine to 11 - as evidenced by the release of this first clip from the picture.  My understanding of the film, partially based on IGN's recent review, is that some effort is made to more directly tap into the spirit of the original series this time around...the final exchange between Kirk and McCoy in this clip would seem to illustrate this point nicely.  

Now, a very close variation of this material was featured in the extended IMAX preview we saw a few months back.  Nonetheless, many folks didn't get a chance to see that IMAX preview, so now here's a taste of the film - superfish and all.  



Clip via AOL.  



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