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Horror/comedy MILO gets a cool art-based poster!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yesterday we debuted a great photo of Patrick Warburton giving a "What the fuck!?!" look as he met the title character from the upcoming SXSW horror/comedy Milo (click here if you missed it) and today the folks behind that film have released a cool poster for the flick, debuted by THR.

If you missed the post yesterday, Milo is about a dude (Ken Marino) whose intestinal troubles turn out not to be work and life stress related, but rather due to the fact that he has a demon living in his guts. Peter Stormare, Stephen Root and Brita herself, Gillian Jacobs, also star.

I know it's a pretty obvious jump, but I'm getting a distinct Basket Case vibe from this. It'll be much sillier, of course, but if that kind of weird out vibe is what they're going for as a base coat I'll be over the moon.

Man, I really hope this film turns out good!

-Eric Vespe
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