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We Have Progress On The ASSASSIN'S CREED Movie!!

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Things have been in a holding pattern on the ASSASSIN'S CREED big screen adaptation ever since it was announced over the summer that Michael Fassbender was attached to star in the film. However, the movie just took a big step forward with Variety reporting that New Regency and Fox have come aboard to finance and distribute the film. 

Ubisoft will continue to have creative input as a script is developed and the film eventually moves towards production. The game company went through a very careful process in shopping this property around, and ulitimately chose to land it at New Regency and Fox. That doesn't mean that ASSASSIN'S CREED is a guarantee. As we've seen in the past HALO and BIOSHOCK fell apart in the past in similar fashion, but one has to at least be cautiously optimistic that ASSASSIN'S CREED - a series that's so far moved 37 million games and counting,with a third game coming on the 30th - will be the launching pad of this next generation of tent pole flicks that Quint predicted not too long ago. Ubisoft is looking to have the film packaged and ready to go with a director, full cast and shooting script by sometime this coming summer. If that indeed happens and ASSASSIN'S CREED proves successful, let the wave of video game movies begin. 


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