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Fassbender is Harry Hole in THE SNOWMAN trailer for Tomas Alfredson!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   It was almost a decade ago now that Tomas Alfredson helmed the original foreign LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.   A tremendous film - still one of the pinnacles of Horror from the past decade or so.   Then he directed the note perfect TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY six years ago now.   In the meanwhile - those of us that have caught the Tomas Alfredson bug, we're dying to see his next... THE SNOWMAN - which is one of the Harry Hole novel series - and he's got Michael Fassbender as Harry Hole, detective of mighty odd cases.    This will be an exquisite film I'd wager.   Check out the trailer:


Isn't that just great? It'll hit theaters October 20th, 2017!  I'm holding out hope that it's one of the best of the year!


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