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Aaron Sorkin's MOLLY'S GAME has a trailer that invites you in on the game!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Yoko has been taking me through the first season of WEST WING - and I can't help but see it as an extension of Stephen King's DEAD ZONE by Cronenberg...  except, instead of Sheen playing a crazed madman of a President... he's kinda the opposite.   But the show - as I'm the last to witness - is just brilliantly written and performed.   Of course, I'm also watching it while we have a Nazi Sympathizer in the Presidency.  Just... crazy.

Anyway, Sorkin has written and directed MOLLY'S GAME, which... well the trailer can show you exactly what it is better than my ramblings about Jessica Chastain and Michael Cera would.   Here... watch: 

Aaron Sorkin seems to have nailed the exploited Assistant in Hollywood vibe, perfectly... Which makes sense, since all this is based on the true life adventures of Molly Bloom, who's novel of the same name is the basis of this movie!  As for secret card games in Los Angeles... Absolutely Mr Sorkin... show us it all!  The film hits November 22nd - unless you'll be up at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.   In which case, lucky you!


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