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Trailer for MUDBLOODS - Documentary About Real Life Muggle Quidditch Players!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

This is making me so freaking happy. EW has premiered trailer has been released for MUDBLOODS, a documentary focusing on real life Quidditch teams that took their love of the sport made famous in the Harry Potter novels and films, and adapted it for real-world play. Because unfortunately, we haven’t actually figured out how to fly on broomsticks yet. Bummer.

The film follows a team from UCLA through various matches and competitions, all the way to Quidditch World Cup Tournament in New York.

This kind of documentary is total crack for me. Yes, you could say that it's silly and kind of ridiculous, but it’s also a community of people coming together to celebrate a common passion. Even from a two minute trailer, it is clear that these players are very dedicated to both the sport and to each other. They are chasing not only glory, but also validation, as they try to make the rest of the world understand why they are so drawn to this sport and why it means so much to them.

Check out the trailer below. MUDBLOODS should be opening in limited theaters and on VOD later this fall. What do you guys think?


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