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100 Lucky Ones will see AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 here in Austin on April 30th!

Hey folks, Harry here...  We've got a hundred seats for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 at the AMC BARTON CREEK MALL's IMAX screen.  We do have our seats roped off for us.  Now... how do you get in?





I'm a Spidey Super Freak! But Emma Stone is an amazing GWEN STACY!!!

Then - show your Spider-Man passion in a photo.  Perhaps it's the shirt you'll wear, the mask you have or a shrine in your home to the webslinger!  Or you and your... LIBRARY!  C'mon, best 100 Spidey Geeks get in!!!

Also in your email - include the full first & last names of you and your guests and tell me what Spider-Man means to you!  Passion pays off here!

As soon as I have found 100 worthy passionate Spidey-Geeks - I'll email all the winners and put a notification on this story to say the contest has come to a close.   Now, get web-slinging!!!

I'm quite excited to see the flick.  I quite enjoyed the first one, especially how much I felt they got right with Spider-Man being a character and personality, in addition to being the action God that Spidey is.   But I especially loved seeing Peter and Gwen Stacy captured pretty wonderfully.  Emma Stone has nailed that.   Anyway - need more motivation, here's that final AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer...


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