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The latest scribe to tackle PROMETHEUS 2 is...the writer of GREEN LANTERN?!!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

PROMETHEUS 2 (or PARADISE, as some rumors claim it to be titled) is still chugging along in the development process, and the notion that it is the untitled Ridley Scott movie announced for 2016 last week has been all but confirmed by The Wrap. Michael Green, an Emmy nominee for his work on HEROES and one of the writers on the ill-fated GREEN LANTERN, has been hired by Fox to rewrite TRANSCENDENCE scribe Jack Paglen's current draft. If all goes according to plan, the film will start lensing as early as this fall, after Scott finishes his work on EXODUS.


Two key story elements that Jeff Sneider mentions in his article: one, that this one "aims to be more 'ALIEN-y'" than the last film, and two, that it will feature multiple copies of the David android, played by Michael Fassbender, onscreen simultaneously. If the sequel follows the characters that made it out of PROMETHEUS alive, I can't imagine how more Davids will get involved, unless a different ship, holding a new cast of characters, catches up with that Engineer vessel taking off for its homeworld. As for being more like the original ALIEN, I can only imagine that refers to a greater emphasis on close-quarter thrills and a general sense of horror to complement the first film's sense of wonder and discovery. And maybe that thing we saw at the end of PROMETHEUS will get its moment in the sun.


Although Green's GREEN LANTERN credit may alarm some, that turgid script is widely attributed to Greg Berlanti, and not so much the other writers caught up in that debacle. Given that original writer Damon Lindelof has publicly said he's not going to touch this sequel with a 10-foot pole after the lashing he received the first time around, all we can do is hope that Green will be able to crack what the previous writers haven't, and provides the template for another kickass return to the ALIEN universe.



If PROMETHEUS 2 is indeed the "Untitled Ridley Scott Movie" that Fox announced last week as The Wrap claims it is, it will give us more time with our Engineers on March 4th, 2016.

-Vincent Kim-Zahedi
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