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Who does Sony want to direct MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!?!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

We heard in June that Jon Chu was signing on to continue the G.I. JOE franchise and as he was signed to direct Sony’s planned MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE film. Well it appears that Sony wants to get moving on that film, as Chu dropped off of the project and according to Schmoes Know, Sony has a shortlist of directors that could potentially replace him.

As with most wishlists we run it is just that, a WISH LIST. These directors have reportedly been approached but nothing is signed and it might (probably) end up being somebody that is not on this list. It does give us a good idea on the direction they intend to take the project though. 

The first name mentioned is Joe Cornish who helped write, THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN and Edgar Wright’s upcoming Marvel film, ANT-MAN but who also directed ATTACK THE BLOCK. He was recently rumored for STAR TREK 3 and he is obviously going to get his shot at a big property soon. He isn't attached to anything big yet but continues to be rumored for major projects so this seems like a good possibility.

Rian Johnson is also on this list and at first this really looks like a long shot. But, after the success of LOOPER and the few episodes Johnson directed of BREAKING BAD, it would seem that he has a good relationship with Sony. Although he is selective with his projects (and will probably want a lot of input on the script), with each of them the budgets and noterity of them has increased so this could be the next step. But yes, if I was Sony I would LOVE for Johnson to direct my HE-MAN movie and give it some respect. That doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual and the odds of it being so are small.

MAMA director Andy Muschietti is on there as well, but he has already been announced for Universal’s MUMMY reboot that has been dated for April 22nd, 2016. I’d imagine that would take away the possibility of him directing this film, so let’s move on.

Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders just came off a big hit with last year’s Dreamworks animated film, THE CROODS and have already been announced to be working on the sequel. Animated films take a long time to develop and release so this would appear to take them out of the running unless Sony can pull them away from that film.

The last names on the list are Phil Lord and Chris Miller who are currently preparing to release THE LEGO MOVIE and just wrapped filming on 22 JUMP STREET. They seem to make magic out of seemingly stupid properties. Nobody thought a film version of 21 JUMP STREET would work and it was profitable enough to demand a sequel. A film version based around Legos just sounds like something a studio would want just for the brand recognition but from the trailers and the buzz surrounding the film it sounds like another hit. Sony would be hoping they could follow that pattern with a MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE film. Imagine the Dolph Lundgren cameo we would get if these two got the job!

If I had to guess, I would say that Joe Cornish or Phil Lord and Chris Miller are the most likely on this list to get the job. Again though, it is likely that none of these people mentioned are able to take the job but Schmoes Know have been pretty accurate with their scoops so far and this seems to be where Sony is starting in finding Chu’s replacement.

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