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DOCTOR WHO!! Moffat On Capaldi's 'kick-up-the-arse' Doctor, S8&9 To Run Straight Thought (S9 in 2015), And S8E01 BTS Photos!!

This isn’t a Docback perse - those have been very temporarily supplanted by our ‘Lockbacks’ devoted the SHERLOCK Season/Series 3.  A new (and final for the Season/Series) Lockback will open on Sunday.  The proper Docbacks will return next Friday.  

In the meantime, here’s a few WHO-related newsless I thought might be of interest…







Speaking with DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, Steven Moffat indicates that not only will Season/Series 8 (Peter Capaldi’s first as the Doctor, transmitting sometime this year) run straight through without the hugely annoying and deflating multi-month breaks we’ve recently seen…Season 9 will do so as well.  Look for S9 in 2015.  This via Metro.  





Also via DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, Moffat comments on how upcoming Seasons/Series will approach Capaldi’s characterization of the Doctor.  

"There would be little point in making as radical a change as we’ve made unless you’re going to go quite different with the Doctor. The last two Doctors have been brilliant, and have been your ‘good boyfriend’ Doctors. But the Doctor isn’t always like that. There is the sort of Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston end of the spectrum, where he is mad and dangerous and difficult."


"We need the kick-up-the-arse Doctor, in a way, to frighten you and make you think, oh, it’s a different show again."

While this sentiment may terrify and alienate NuWHOvians chiefly familiar with the milquetoastier David Tennant / Matt Smith eras, the notion of a ‘frightening’ and ‘kick-up-the-arse’ Doctor will seem utterly sensible and familiar to those aware of the show’s early history, when the Doctor (especially in the William Hartnell era) was frequently a dodgy, unlikable prick…and the series was as much about the character’s impact on those around him as it was about the Doctor himself.  

Personally, I think this is exactly the direction to go with the show.  I also think it’s a bold move by Moffat and BBC.  They’re shaking up a formula which has worked very well (and remained highly profitable) for them over the last few years.  The attitude expressed in Moffat’s comments suggest they’re concerned with what’s right for the show, rather than straight-up fan service.  Which is how it should be on any production . 






So, some of these may already be ‘out there’ on the Net - I believe some of them have not shown up yet.  Not sure.  Either way...

I look out my window and see…a garbage truck rolling by.  AICN reader Simon looks out his window, and sees the fucking filming of DOCTOR WHO.  He sent along some images for our consideration, with a touch of context, saying... 

It was a Victorian setting judging by the sets and constumes and the scene i saw involved an onlooking crowd, made up of ordinary citizens and policemen, all looking up in the misty air pointing, whilst our three protaganists worked their way through the crowd. 

I believe it ended with Vastra holding her arm up towards this thing in the sky (presumeably wthat will be CG'd in later) revealing some kind of electronic device on her wrist.

I’m assuming the device he’s referring to (on Vastra’s wrist) is the sonic screwdriver variant recently revealed HERE?

Huge thanks to Simon for sending these along…


DOCTOR WHO S8E01 filming  

DW S8E01 filming

DW S8E01 filming

DWS8E01 filming

DW S8E1 filming 

 DW S8E1 filming





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