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A Nice And 'Splody Poster For Paul W.S. Anderson's POMPEII!!

I’ll never forget the time I was standing in line to see James Cameron’s TITANIC and offhandedly remarked “I can’t wait to see the visual effects of the boat sinking.”  A woman standing next to me railed on me for about thirty minutes - about how I’d ruined the movie for her with my thoughtless and callous disregard for plot secrecy.  

When she was done railing, I asked…as politely as I could manage…exactly what she thought was going to happen in a movie named…”TITANIC.”  She didn’t seem to have an answer, but the chill in the air suggested she never really backed down from her disdain for my statement.  

Regardless of how POMPEII shakes out (its Paul W.S. Anderson, so I’d bank on a great looking mess), at the very least its poster should help some poor bastard avoid a replay of my story when the film hits theaters in a few months - as it pretty lays out the dramatic crux of the film in no uncertain terms. 

POMPEII poster


It’s a nice poster.  And if a shot (something) like this actually appears in the film, I’d be pretty impressed.  




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