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Disney can now make new Indiana Jones Movies!!! But what about Paramount?


Hey folks, Harry here...  On this BNAT15 eve, geeky stuff is being unleashed it seems...  Even while brave travelers begin their migration, BNAT Elves were stuffing bags and enjoying the catering of TACO BUENO...  but in far off California-Land...  Disney and Paramount were putting the final touches on there oh so special announcement.

Paramount controls and will continue to publish the original 4 Indiana Jones movies.   Disney does OWN the character, but on all future movies they will involve Paramount in a Financial Participation.  Details of which are as of yet, unknown - but I'd wager it is a similar deal that Paramount has with Disney/Marvel on the CAPTAIN AMERICA and THOR and AVENGERS sequels.   But that's pure speculation.

SO - now that Disney can...  will they just pick up with Spielberg and Harrison or will they be finding a younger Indiana Jones?  Will there be an animated series?  What would be your ideal with Indiana Jones?  Curious geeky times we live in, eh?


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