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Yeti Another Remake?? Hammer To Re-spin Its 1957 ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN Thriller!!


ABS poster 1957 


Hammer has dusted off its 1957 Peter Cushing/Forest Tucker-starring thriller THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN (aka THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN OF THE HIMALAYAS)…


…for remake, per the below press release.   


                                         HAMMER TO RE-ENVISION THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN


London – 21st November, 2013:  President & CEO of Hammer and Vice-Chairman of Exclusive Media, Simon Oakes, announced today that Hammer, an Exclusive Media company, will produce a new version of The Abominable Snowman. The project is being developed by Hammer in association with Ben Holden (The Quiet Ones, The Woman in Black: Angel of Death).

In this modern take on the Yeti myth, a scientific expedition’s illegal assent up an unclimbed peak of one of the World’s most formidable mountains accidentally awakens an ancient creature that could spell a certain end for them all. 

The original screenplay by Matthew Read (Pusher, Hammer of the Gods) and Jon Croker (The Woman In Black: Angel of Death, Desert Dancer) will put a modern twist on the 1957 iconic original film from Hammer’s extensive canon of work. The project marks a continuation of Hammer’s ongoing campaign to maintain their heritage of producing enduring British horror films which are original, current and relevant for modern audiences, following on from The Woman in Black which became the most successful British horror film of all time.

 Simon Oakes said of the project: "The success of Let Me In and The Woman In Black has shown that there is an appetite for quality horror films so it is exciting to draw on Hammer’s unparalleled source material in this genre which can be reimagined and updated for a new audience”. 

Ben Holden is currently collaborating with Hammer on The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, which is in production in the UK now. 


Beyond the WOMAN IN BLACK sequel mentioned above, Hammer will also bring us the interesting seeming THE QUIET ONES rather soon…


Interesting times and interesting choices for the studio.  So nice to have them back in play...




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