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Duncan Jones shows some WORLD OF WARCRAFT production art!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Today, BLIZZCON is going on and Duncan Jones and team showed up to show off some of their concept art for the WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie and dished a bit about the film, which is still 2 years away from our eyeballs.





Duncan Jones also said that DUROTAN would be a part of things...  That means we'll have the Orc Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan and The Horde.  Duncan also said that we'd have LOTHAR, who is Lord Anduin Lothar, Supreme Commander of the Alliance - the Last of the Arathi.  I have no idea what any of that means... but I have faith.  I haven't played a second of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, but I believe in this kind of fantasy - and most of all, Duncan Jones fascinates me as a filmmaker.  I love that he's apparently deep deep in love with the game and in translating it.   

I have many friends that love this world and I'm looking forward to following this film's production for the next two years.  I especially like hearing that we'll get some noble good Orcs, especially after all the racial hatred that Tolkein has stirred up for so long.   Giggle.  I just hope they really make us care about all the fantastic fantasy that they throw at us and make a story that feels like something out of legend.   So who would you folks like to see play Durotan and Lothar?  The tone they're aiming for is more along the lines of GLADIATOR apparently... Chuck Norris was mentioned on the panel.  Jokingly... but you never know.  Here's a good LIVEBLOG that covered the panel!

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